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Created in July 1997 by Márcio Godoy, founding partner, IN-PRÓ CORPORATE's mission is to assist private companies in prospecting, identification and structuring of new businesses.


• Lower cost in winning customers • More assertive communication
• Customized strategies
• Metrics in each action

Working premises

  • Give our clients strategic focus in planning their institutional actions, marketing and sustainable.

  • Adding value to your business.

  • Share our knowledge and experiences with the aim of turning them into results.

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Professional Principles

  • Conduct business ethically, integrity, honesty and transparency;
  • Seek support and balance of business, in order to obtain better results for everyone involved;
  • Preserving IN-PRO brand;
  • Serve customers promptly and courtesy;
  • Encouraging professional growth, learning and well-being of employees;
  • Guide the permanent pursuit of excellence and business growth;
  • Have social responsibility and respect for the environment;
  • Strive for quality of services;
  • Stay focused on customer needs.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics and Conduct IN-PRO aims disciplinary ethical conduct to be adopted in the development of personal relationships or professional employees of IN-PRO. The code defines behavioral patterns for the purpose of (i) resolve conflicts of interest, (ii) ensure the confidentiality of information and (iii) promote practices to prevent and combat the illicit activities.

The parameters of conduct established in the Code take refuge in the main rules and regulations of the Civil Code and are based on the principles of integrity, transparency and equal.


Our Business Advisory covers the vital areas and segments for your company to obtain Institutional and Marketing gains, in addition to socio-environmental recognition.


• Fusions and acquisitions;

• Financial restructuring;

Brand management

• Portfolio study, market and competition
• Visual redesign of the product line
• Creation of Private Brands and registration with the INPI
• Definition of partnerships (industry and suppliers)
• Production financing
• Launch campaign & Commercial Strategy

Real Estate Solutions

• Valuation of Real Estate Assets;
• Risk Assessment with Technical and Economic Feasibility;
• Investor Prospecting;
• CRECI 09568 SC.

Credit and Precatory Rights Assessments

Valuation services for private companies and individuals looking to sell their credits.


Formatting Incentive Projects or Recommended Projects, fundraising from national and international sources.

Evaluation of Precatórios

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    IN-PRO Corporate

    Rua João Pacheco da Costa, 50, home 01 - Lagoa da Conceição
    Florianópolis / SC, Brazil
    MOBILE: 88062-100

    Fone +55 (48) 3232-0379
    WhatsApp (48) 99963-0430
    Skype inpro.corporate


    Currently we possess affiliate in the following cities:

    Santa Catarina

    Jaraguá do Sul

    Rio Grande do Sul

    Caixas do Sul
    Porto Alegre
    Passo Fundo


    Ponta Grossa

    Sao Paulo

    São Paulo - Capital
    Ribeirao Preto
    Presidente Prudente

    Mato Grosso

    Campo Grande

    Minas Gerais

    Belo Horizonte

    Distrito Federal







    João Pessoa


    Porto Velho







    Rio Grande do Norte


    Espirito Santo

    old village

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    Rules and assumptions to be an affiliate of IN-PRO Corporate

    If you are an entrepreneur, has good contacts, wants your professional independence, financial, it's creative, has determination, is competitive and mainly likes challenges, the IN-PRO created in 1997 based in Florianópolis / SC has an excellent opportunity for you.

    Become an IN-PRO affiliate, we will explain our concept of corporate advisory, only not Brazil.

    What is an affiliate IN-PRÓ?

    It is an individual who is an individual law firm MEI, good relationship with the individuals and companies in your region, and that will support the exploration and indication of potential customers.

    I can become a InPro Affiliate to have no technical training in various areas of services provided by INPRO?

    IN-PRO will instruct you through our training courses that will give you a position to act in this area with great aplomb and professionalism.

    Ethics code for be an Affiliate IN-PRÓ.

    IN-PRO to meet its growth mission was the figure of the Affiliate, the time we have established a code of ethics governing
    professional practice and conduct of good manners of interested to join this entrepreneurial challenge:

    To be a IN-PRÓ Affiliate is necessary be in accordance with the premises of our code of ethics.

    • Transparency in their attitudes;
    • Secrecy information at any price.
    • Receive only the pre-approved fees for competent or agreed organs in private instruments;
    • Not practice illicit acts;
    • Preserve the credibility of all involved in the project;
    • Evaluate for who will provide consultancy, his conduct and past of good customs, reputation unblemished;
    • Search apply our transparently services at all stages;
    • Respect to information in real time;

    To be a IN-PRÓ Affiliate is necessary be in accordance with the premises of our code of ethics.

    Green Seal

    Our Seal

    For each service provided to our customers, at the end of each work stage, we present the diagnosis containing the number of native trees from the Atlantic Forest to be planted according to the emission of greenhouse gases that our team of employees produced to meet the purpose of the service contract.

    Environmental Commitment

    Environmental Commitment Any project or contract signed with IN-PRÓ and its collaborators will be evaluated on the amount of greenhouse gases that were produced during the contract. Our commitment is to publish these figures through the Biannual Socio Ambiental Balance Sheet 2021/2022 identifying and quantifying actions to compensate the environment. This action aims at Environmental Education, and empowering communities involved in our business.

    Plant a better future, there is still time!

    Why plant a tree? There are several good reasons to hold a planting.

    1. Reduce airborne levels to retain dust particles floating.
    2. Improve oxygenation of the atmosphere by absorbing CO, and producing oxygen. 2
    3. Reduce local and global temperature.
    4. Protection of water sources, and do only, preventing erosion and desertification.
    5. Preservations of plant and animal species, to create ecological corridors between forest fragments for the transit of animals.

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    Literary works


    livro_godoyYour greatest asset is the people of their relationship, learn how to keep them, preserve them and within the ethics and respect transform them as far as possible into good business. (2016)

    The purpose of this literary work is the main premise of encouraging individuals of both sexes, races, creeds, ethnicities and beliefs to preserve their relationships, keep them and within the ethics and respect makes them as far as possible into good business. Author: Marcio Godoy.


    Corporate Social Responsibility in the Brazilian electric sector: Institutional factors, sectoral and corporate (2014)

    The objective of this case study to understand the institutional pressures that can determine the corporate socially responsible behavior of organizations operating in the Brazilian electricity sector. It is based on Institutional Theory, particularly in Campbell propositions (2006; 2007) to analyze the pressures on electricity for Brazilian companies to behave in a socially responsible way.


    Sources of Non Refundable (2012)

    "Presenting the various exploitation opportunities of the sources of non-reimbursable funds.
    Consolidate Sponsorship Guidelines, Reception Projects; Risk assessment and Return on Investment; Capacity; Integrated Social Report with stakeholder, which aims to identify opportunities for companies to use sources of national or international non-reimbursable funds to finance their activities and projects aligned with its core business, in its area of ​​operation, and providing significant gains in institutional image in all their re relationship ... "


    Doing Social Investment in Brazil (2011)

    "The book contains chapters written by experts referemte investors' interest topics, such as, Panorama Social no Brasil; Modalities, Mechanisms, Social Investment identification and choice; Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Citizenship; Social Investment Risk Analysis, Social Investment Vehicles, among others. "


    103 Tips - Fundraising In Brazil, United States and Europe With Attitude (2010)

    This is an English version of the book "103 Tips - What every business needs to know to use tax incentives ", focusing on laws Incentive Brazilian and the International Resources Sources in the US and Europe.


    103 Tips - What Every Business Needs To Know To Use Tax Incentives (2009)

    "The main purpose of the book" 103 Tips "is to bring to the corporate world information essential for companies to have a better understanding of the importance of adopting a new approach to society and facilitate their access to this new tool."


    The Sponsorship Of Industry in Santa Catarina (2007)

    "Gone are the days when corporate responsibility boiled down only to profit-making solely for its investors / shareholders. Companies found themselves compelled to seek differential, how to invest in cultural projects, environmental, social responsibility, sports ... "


    IN-PRO Corporate

    Rua João Pacheco da Costa, 50, home 01 - Lagoa da Conceição
    Florianópolis / SC, Brazil
    MOBILE: 88062-100


    Fone +55 (48) 3232-0379
    WhatsApp (48) 99963-0430
    Skype inpro.corporate


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