Green Seal

Our Seal

Every service to our customers, in the end of each work step we present the diagnostic containing the amount of native Atlantic Forest trees to be planted as the emission of greenhouse gases that our consulting produced to meet the objective of the contract to provide services. The right to use the seal will be awarded to publicize the project in question.

Environmental Commitment

Each and every project or contract signed with the Company's IN-PRO Group and its customers will be assessed the amount of greenhouse gases that were produced. Our commitment is to publish these figures through the balance Biennial Environmental Partner 2020/21 identifying and quantifying the actions to compensate for the environment. This action aims at environmental education, and the empowerment of communities involved in our business.

Plant a better future, there is still time!

Why plant a tree? There are several good reasons to hold a planting. Here are some:

  1. Reduce airborne levels to retain dust particles floating.
  2. Improve oxygenation absorbing CO2 atmosphere, and producing oxygen.
  3. Reduce local and global temperature.
  4. Protection of water sources, and do only, preventing erosion and desertification.
  5. Preservations of plant and animal species, to create ecological corridors between forest fragments for the transit of animals.
  6. Reducing Noise Pollution.
  7. Reduce visual pollution.

Did you know?

  • 1.200 millions of people still lack access to safe water and 20% of aquatic species of fresh water are already extinct or endangered.
  • The diseases generated by drinking contaminated water kill around 4 million children a year.
  • 63 million cubic meters of water evaporated from the soil every year.
  • The sea salt water equals 97,02% all the water in the earth. Fresh water corresponds to 2,08%, and 2,38% glacial water (the poles as ice), 0,39% underground water, 0,029% rivers and lakes and 0,001% atmosphere.
  • The Brazil, holding 8,0% this treasure. It is found mainly in the Amazon basin and in the basement.


According to the UN, to minimize the environmental impacts caused, It would be necessary to plant 38,9 trees per year per inhabitant.