Literary works


Corporate Social Responsibility in the Brazilian electric sector: Institutional factors, sectoral and corporate (2014)

The objective of this case study to understand the institutional pressures that can determine the corporate socially responsible behavior of organizations operating in the Brazilian electricity sector. It is based on Institutional Theory, particularly in Campbell propositions (2006; 2007) to analyze the pressures on electricity for Brazilian companies to behave in a socially responsible way.


Sources of Non Refundable(2012)

"Presenting the various exploitation opportunities of the sources of non-reimbursable funds.
Consolidate Sponsorship Guidelines, Reception Projects; Risk assessment and Return on Investment; Capacity; Integrated Social Report with stakeholder, which aims to identify opportunities for companies to use sources of national or international non-reimbursable funds to finance their activities and projects aligned with its core business, in its area of ​​operation, and providing significant gains in institutional image in all their re relationship ... "


Doing Social Investment in Brazil (2011)

"The book contains chapters written by experts referemte investors' interest topics, such as, Panorama Social no Brasil; Modalities, Mechanisms, Social Investment identification and choice; Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Citizenship; Social Investment Risk Analysis, Social Investment Vehicles, among others. "


103 Tips – Fundraising In Brazil, United States and Europe With Attitude (2010)

This is an English version of the book "103 Tips – What every business needs to know to use tax incentives ", focusing on laws Incentive Brazilian and the International Resources Sources in the US and Europe.


103 Tips – What Every Business Needs To Know To Use Tax Incentives (2009)

"The main purpose of the book" 103 Tips "is to bring to the corporate world information essential for companies to have a better understanding of the importance of adopting a new approach to society and facilitate their access to this new tool."


The Sponsorship Of Industry in Santa Catarina (2007)

"Gone are the days when corporate responsibility boiled down only to profit-making solely for its investors / shareholders. Companies found themselves compelled to seek differential, how to invest in cultural projects, environmental, social responsibility, sports ... "