Our corporate services cover the areas and vital segments for your company to obtain institutional and market gains, besides recognizing socio-environmental, We take administrative solutions, economic, financial and legal, we have structured services and customized.


  • Intelligence, marketing and technology come together in innovative solutions. Com MarTech (Marketing Technology). Your company will identify and seize market opportunities, achieve its assertively audience and get better results in the search for new market niches;
  • Origination of new clients and business.

OBZ (Zero Based Budgeting)

It is a methodology created in the United States for identifying unnecessary processes and prioritize activities with exemption, sharing with all company management levels. Main functions:
  • Reduce corporate spending in companies in crisis or healthy financially, who wish to improve performance through its outcome indicators and meet, in detail, all areas of your business;
  • This methodology is used by high-performance companies like BRF, American stores, Grupo Pão de Açúcar, ALL, Dasa, AB Inbev, among others.

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