Small and medium enterprises merger or acquisition

It is no coincidence that Major Companies as Perdigão and Sadia, Itaú and Unibanco, among many other cases of this market in recent 50 years underwent mergers and acquisitions, depending on the time the merger is the best option not to go into RJ – Judicial Recovery. Always in life we ​​have for each subject at least two scenarios, on one hand the pessimistic, across the optimist, also always has that moderate ( famous is the wall ). In this dark time of economic and political Brazilian and World Small businesses need to start thinking in this case to seek a merger, with the expected crisis to 2016 and technical recession as the Federal Government releases one thing is certain! If you keep thinking like ZECA PAGODINHO…” Let life take me ..” You can go very quickly RJ, Now if you think like Geraldo Vandre…” Maybe it makes time and not expect to happen ..” you will absolutely be starting to create a new economic group to pass this crisis.

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